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Welcome to my blog! I'm a long time professional photographer who has been blessed to have some exciting assignments over the years but I've slowed down a bunch now and am enjoying my family, friends and traveling more. I've loved to bake literally my entire life, and now by complete chance and grace of God, I get to bake the pies at my husband's restaurant, The Coffee Shop Cafe in McGregor Texas. I was taught to bake by my Grandmother Duty and then by a French trained TV chef when I was just twelve years old. Kinda cool story I'll post later. I'll share baking/cooking tips and recipes along with traveling and photography tips. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy! ~ Valerie Duty Citrano

I have moved the blog to make it more user friendly! Our Coffee Shop Travel Club information and ways to book our small group guided tours have also merged to Valerie's blog too. 

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Basil plants


Snip the blooms off your basil plants and you will have more leaves that are usable in your recipes. Basil is easy to grow on your patio or window sill in pots. The plants are easily available at your local nursery or in seed packets both on-line or in stores. I've planted both plants and seeds in pots on our patio at home and love the ability to add fresh basil to our pastas and pizzas. Nothing beats the flavor of fresh picked from your own garden!

Basil is a sinch to freeze too. Wash and pat dry your leaves. Lay the leaves out on a clean, dry white paper towel. Cover with a second paper towel. Tightly roll the basil up in paper towels and place in a freezer bag. Colour will darken after freezing. Use as you would fresh in recipes. 

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